This Old Friend.

I can relate, same deal with Quink Ink…

ann marie amick

I have an intimate relationship with black india ink – It was the first bottle of ink I ever painted with, and continues to be my favorite color to work with. I discovered the joy of white india ink about 6 months into my inky painting endeavors, and found a whole new kind of love. White ink has a different consistency, but it allows for all kinds of interesting textures to occur, when utilized appropriately.

I didn’t necessarily plan on making a series – it just happened, as things do sometimes in the realm of art. The middle painting was the first, and is actually the first painting I sold – it currently resides with its new owner, a very dear friend, in Oklahoma. He was the first to bring up the idea of creating a series from the piece, and 5 months later, the other two have been completed.

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