To All You Itchy Fingers poised Above the Delete Button (Including Me)

Every photograph you take is half of a totally unique and perfectly symmetrical design.

A simple and obvious concept, but something which is actually pretty liberating once I thought about it. No matter how haphazard, unbalanced, or boring a photo may be, simply reflecting it can give it a whole different angle, and suddenly it becomes a design in its own right.

The photo above is nothing special – a section of a tree silhouetted against the darkening sky. It’s actually not even focused that well, but reflecting across the bottom edge and I get this:

Once it’s been reflected it’s taken out of context and I stopped seeing it as a tree. Now that it’s simply a design I can appreciate the negative space in between the branches, the intricate and perfectly symmetrical detailing created by the smaller branches, and even the parts which are out of focus seem to contribute the design.

I even managed somehow to find a face, half of which existed in the photo but I would not have noticed before.

So something as simple as this can take it out of context and give it a whole new dynamic and feel. Even if the design on its own doesn’t satisfy me, it’s a good tool to see what parts of the photo I can build on, even if I take out the other half later. It helps to see the good things in the photo, different and unusual opportunities.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say there’s no such thing as a bad photo, but definitely no such thing as a useless one in my opinion!

And who’s to say you can only reflect it once?

keywords: photography, reflection, accident, context, opportunity, potential, rambling

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