Layered Markmaking to Music

Choosing a colour for the bass, the drums, the rhythm and lead guitars and the vocals (along with harmonies). I listened through the song “Taking Life” by We As Human. I listened to the song once through for each part (one for guitar one for drums and so on). Awesome band with lots of complex stuff going on, so lots of different marks made. There’s something about the combination of the blue goauche and the red oil pastel texture which is very satisfying to me, and I’ve zoomed in on parts of it to get some nice abstract sections – good exercise as well!
Drums Blue Gouache, Rhythm Guitar Red Oil Pastel, Bass Guitar Black Chalk, Lead Vocals Yellow Pencil, Intro Synth Orange Chalk, Harmonies Pink Pencil. I chose the colours based on what kind of colour the nature of the sound made me think of, have a listen to the song and see if you agree with my representation maybe, leave a comment!!

keywords: music, texture, mixed media, colour, layers, A1, gestural

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