Satisfying Drawing 3

Not really a drawing, but it’s satisfying. To me at least…

It’s weird because it’s not actually a perfect circle so it shouldn’t be satisfying, but maybe it’s just the idea of confining the chaotic nature of ink into a circular outline which makes it satisfying. It’s also pretty interesting how the circular lines have formed, possibly from the movement and settling of the ink as the water moved.

keywords: ink, satisfying, blotch, order, chaos, India ink, fineliner


  1. Regarding Satisfying Drawing #3. Why do I feel like I’m looking at one of those black and white pictures of cells slides you find in old biology boos that absolutely did not give a clue to what the heck you were actually supposed to be seeing? Though, I see where you’re coming from in your the description of what I was supposed to be seeing…but all I was trying to do the whole time looking at the drawing was figuring out where the nucleus was :-). Or maybe that says something about how weird my mind is?


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