Getting Your Environment Right

I’ve been living in Loughborough University since September and now I think I could go as far as to say I’ve settled in pretty nicely. In my room I’ve learnt the best way to arrange my things to maximise floor space, and everything’s just where I want it. Perfect.

Not that I’m a particularly pedantic or overly tidy person (many will vouch for that), but there’s a certain way my mess has to look. People always make the remark of having an “artistic”, “musical”, or “functional” mess, perhaps jokingly, but I can really see the sense in it. An efficient mess, so you know where things are, those things are readily available, but at the same time not so invasive as to clutter up the space and box you in.

So in Loughborough I’ve sussed that out, but coming back home everything’s very much out of sync with me, and sitting down to do a piece of art on a whim has suddenly got a lot harder. Nothing’s less accessible, it’s just that everything feels a bit…out of sync. It’s hard to explain but I reckon it’ll take a few days to “fine-tune” my mess. It never really occurred to me before that something like that could affect the way you work but from now on I think I’m going to pay closer attention to the space around my work space. This is the space which either gets me in the right mood to draw, paint, sculpt or take photos, or the place which throws me completely off and condemns me to three more hours of guiltily re watching Game of Thrones.

I’m not one to put this down to my chakra having a bit of a kink in it, or my aura being a tad too purple (my mind doesn’t really bend that way with those things) but I definitely think that the way certain objects sit in your room, the nature of the room, can really have an impact on your productivity. It just so happens I’ve unwittingly got it just right back at uni. Everyone’s different of course, so I suppose you can only know what works best for you by testing things out! Before I sit down and make art, I think I’m going to start to make sure I actually have that mindset and energy, because art’s different to many things. It’s not just a matter of doing something, of finishing something, of getting something right according to a criteria or brief. You need that emotional connection, that real enthusiasm, because how you feel about your room, your work, yourself, it comes out in your art.

Now where to start…


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