Musical Forms (finished)

Big bulky post to make up for lack of them over the past days!

These took a while to finish but I’m really happy with them, this is something I’m really enjoying! Listening to different types of music whilst making the initial strokes seems to create such different results, and this is even more apparent when I start working into them. There’s something incredibly satisfying about taking something as accidental and free as a stroke of a wet sponge, isolating it from the rest and creating a beautiful form from it.

For those of you who want to know exactly how it happened: I listen to the music while I make the initial strokes (which are a wet sponge dipped in diluted India Ink) so this is where the influence happens. The conscious work comes next when I isolate a form I think best describes the music or a part of the song, take the dynamics of the stroke into consideration and let the strokes which are already on the page dictate what I do with it.  I only used coloured pencils to work into it: one black and one white, so I’m thinking of using a different one next time, especially if that medium might represent the emotions or effects of the song a bit better.

I find that this kind of art for me is the most honest because the meaning of it is found in the dynamic and feel of the work not what it represents or “looks like”. That’s pretty liberating for me.

keywords: music, influence, form, abstract, India ink, mixed media, pencil, external forces, emotion, honesty

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