Self Portrait COMPLETE

Here are the photos of my completed self portrait! It’s taken me a long time but it’s been absolutely worth it. I basically wanted to do it to see whether I could and I’ve ended up quite proud of it in the end! Not the best likeness and some dodgy bits here and there but for a first try at photorealism I’m immensely happy with it. I guess you never really know what you’re good at until you try everything.

My father made a comment that this drawing actually looks more like me than the original photo…Maybe I’m drawing myself how I (and my father) think I look despite using the photo for reference? Who knows. But this is definitely a very big step forward for my drawing skills and I’ve actually picked up new techniques through doing this.

All in all an incredibly valuable experience.

Note: It’s strange how both the drawing and the photo are obviously me yet are actually drastically different down to my inexperience…Hopefully that difference will decrease with practice!

keywords: self portrait, drawing, photorealism, b/w, christmas, face, pencil


  1. You have a point with respect to trying something to see if you can. I’ve discovered the same thing myself recently. I find I often surprise myself when I give something daunting a try in drawing. Keep it up 🙂


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