Monument to Home

Living in a quiet, mostly rural place for most of my life, moving to Loughborough is a step up and I always love coming back to the place which saw me grow up. My previous images like this were unfocused photos not really favouring artificial or organic either way, but this images are all composed of images of organic objects, something which I can find a connection to home in. Walking around the campus I found places which reminded me of home: quieter places, greener places, and these are the photos I used.

The process I use to reflect and obscure my photos was previously used simply to find the patterns within nature. But I saw that this process generated some really interesting and beautiful structures which bordered on a sort of surreal architecture. Using this, and considering how much I value the natural spaces in my area and in Loughborough, I decided to refine my process to create shrine like structures, standing as a symbol and monument to the place which made me.

I’m planning to paint these images soon, to bring them into reality at last!

keywords: tree, nature, symmetry, reflection, hue, graphics, Photoshop, monument, tribute, shrine, organic

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