Accidents Happen (And They’re Amazing)

For my current project I’m using my photo manipulations to create a shrine to nature, to create a sense of awe and wonder to put across the mystique of nature. In order for me to blow up a highly symmetrical image in order to paint it I opted to print it on acetate. I was informed that the acetate I bought was compatible with the printers on campus, therefore attempted to run before I could walk and save myself some time by printing it at home instead at my leisure. I did not expect it to react quite to differently, but the result is something which I find incredibly interesting.

This puts across a completely different thing now. Instead of the beauty and power of nature, this is now a report of the journey that image went through. A journey of organic and artificial adjustments.

The tree grew, shaped by the sun, wind and rain – organic.

I photographed it and manipulated it to create my shrine to nature – artificial.

I completely ruined it with my ignorance towards the subtleties of printing and thus created something new using my own marks – organic.

keywords: nature, journey, Photoshop, acetate, printing, layers, analogue, digital, b/w, tree, mystique

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