New Year Resolutions

Work from a friend of mine’s blog, amazing painting with a moving story.



There’s nothing more rewarding than producing a piece of work for someone other than yourself.

Over the Christmas holidays I spent a couple of days locked away in my attic room, focused on nothing but completing this painting for my friend and her family. I’ve always wanted to attempt painting animals, and perfecting the task of being able to paint fur (that actually looks like fur), so it was an exciting project. Creating the nose in the exact shape and proportion was the most difficult part, and where I actually began the painting. Once that was mastered, everything else just seemed to flow together. I had a lot of fun being rather expressive with the fur on her body and ears, stemming away from a ‘perfect’ result. However, I did spend most of my time correcting and altering Daisy’s face, always finding areas of improvement, because that had to be…

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