Oil Painting – 2nd Day: Greys

Second day carrying on with this and things are really starting to take shape! Coloured sections are beginning to border each other and some of the white space is being swallowed. Obviously progress was a lot slower coverage-wise today, mostly down to the ridiculous amount of different greys in the picture. But there’s an upside to that because mixing all those different greys through trial and error helped me understand how to make them – the cooler and warmer greys, and re-enforced what my old secondary school teacher told me: “Never use black.”

Now this kind of thinking perhaps isn’t quite as important with oils because the black is much richer and less inclined to flatten the image, but with acrylics it was very important to keep that liveliness in the dark areas and instead of using black I was told to mix a “deepest dark”, using a mixture of several colours to make something close to black. But with more life.

I don’t know if that knowledge is meant to be transferable to oils but I definitely mixed some really nice greys without black, so I won’t be needing that tube just yet.

It’s been approximately 6 hours I think, but I do have a tendency to underestimate this type of thing…

keywords: awe, celestial, heaven, home, monument, nature, painting, religion, shrine, symmetry, oil paint

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