‘Conflict’ Project: Bleach Experiments

For my project centred around the idea of conflict, I’m trying different ways of making materials interact. At the moment I’ve tried turps and water based paint, which has worked out well, and now I am trying another form of conflicting media: bleach.

The bleach eats away the dark colour of the Quink ink and creates a golden colour, which can be toned down depending on how much water you use. For this I’m using it neat. The first one was bleach on ink, experimenting with different strokes. The second was created by using a wash of a bleach and turps mixture (or as close as I could get due to them not mixing) and then ink on top. Both have very different effects, and the presence of the turps in the second one creates a truly conflicting piece, with all the elements on the page fighting against each other.

keywords: conflict, bleach, ink, turps, hydrophobia, experiment

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