Mixed Media Conflict Pieces: Bleach, Turpentine and Ink

Carrying on with the theme of material and chemical conflict, I’ve been trying to layer up the materials to create more interesting and deeper conflicts. For this experiment I built on the bleach pieces from last time, and put down a mixture of turps and bleach first. I put down the deadly, toxic mixture in offset concentric circles, and then when I put the ink down, I did circles in the other direction to get kind of “crossover” effect. This effect made me think of water ripples in a confined space, where the waves bounce off the edges and interfere with each other.

The presence of the turps seems to disrupt the bleaching process, creating some irregularities and textured areas. I think this all adds to a mood which emulates an old photograph, possibly a daguerreotype, where the marks are soft and colours subtly change. To get some more conflict and material interaction there, I did some water washes over the dark areas. This lifts some of the ink off and produces a rich, blue colour instead of a deadening black.

All in all pretty pleased with this effect – I think these three materials are a good combination for an atmospheric mixed media piece.

keywords: conflict, bleach, turps, ink, circles, waves, texture, interaction

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