The Sublime Moment – Hodor and Co. Arrive At Last

Now I know Hodor probably isn’t the main component of the group to be honest, but having been 2 feet away from the guy last friday while he was DJ’ing…I’ve decided he’s the most important guy and therefore character in Game of Thrones. This piece is a watercolour experiment of a still from the episode “The Children”. It depicts the point where the group finally get to the top of the hill and see what they’ve been looking for all this time: the mother of all Weirwood Trees.

This is the first quick piece in a long self-directed project focusing on “The Sublime”. It is an extension from my “Sense of Place” project which focused on the feeling of awe and wonder, and the feeling of insignificance in comparison to a higher power. “The Sublime” is basically that whole premise bundled into a handy phrase, but in film it means something slightly different, and it’s the film meaning I’m focusing on.

“The Sublime Moment” in film is a moment in the show or film where the spectator is overwhelmed with emotion and completely consumed with sensation, rather than understanding. It can take many forms such as a resolution or realisation, the moment where things truly fall apart, or something else. The important thing is about it is that the moment entirely consumes you, and you get a sense of that awe and wonder.

A couple of different phrasings for “The Sublime Moment”:

Martin Heidegger – “Moment of Vision”

Paul Willeman – “Cinephilia”

My mission is to capture this moment and suspend it, so the spectator of my work can get a sense of that same raw sensation and awe.

So expect quite a few film based paintings or drawings from here on out, this is something which really excites me!

keywords: film, stills, sublime, awe, suspension, emotion, watercolour

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