“Pressure, Time and a Big Goddamn Poster”

Carrying on with my “The Sublime in Film” project, I’m exploring the different types of “sublime moment”. Looking at the sort of moment which gives you chills, and gets you cheering for the good guy: this scene came to mind. This still, I think, is a fantastic representation of just how stupid Andy Dufresne made the prison look, and every time I watch this film this scene makes me smile. So I decided to do a little painting of it! It’s a very small oil painting, about A5. I chose the title because Morgan Freeman’s voiceover is a massive part of that scene and really helps to bring out the gravity of the situation…and the epicness.

You might think I’m in the wrong generation for this to be one of my favourite films, but hey

keywords: oil painting, shawshank redemption, film, movie stills, drama, sublime


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