“The Sublime Moment” – Pillars of Creation Oil Painting

Developing the style of angular, blocky painting I’m carrying on with my theme of “The Sublime”. So far I’ve been focusing solely on film but recently a new photo of the Pillars of Creation have surfaced; updated from the iconic image from 1995. When I saw this image I got that same sense of insignificance and awe as I get from earthly beauty or powerful moments in film. In fact this is probably the most powerful example of that given that the structure in the image is about 4 lightyears in length…

I really enjoyed painting this with a wet into wet oil technique, and I’m happy with how I captured the colours and the feeling of immense scale. Space is a terrifying place to be honest…

Oh and all credits for the photo go to…the Hubble Telescope? And NASA I guess, not that I could claim to own this photo but still.

Haven’t got long left of this project, and a self directed one is proving to be really fulfilling!

keywords: art, sublime, oil painting, pillars of creation, hubble telescope, space


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