The Sublime – “Glencoe, Scotland” Oil on Paper

I thought this image was a great example of how nature can emphasise Man’s insignificance. The huge scale, the mist, and the soft light. Based off a still from the film “Skyfall”, it’s the latest outcome from my exploration of the sublime in film. At first I was going to include Bond standing with his Aston in the image, but in the end I liked it just as it was, ambiguous, and more focused on the environment.

keywords: Glencoe, Scotland, sublime, film, Bond, landscape, oil painting


  1. Hello – I really like this painting. Please can you confirm the dimension and if this is for sale?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Francesca,
      Unfortunately I’ve already sold this particular painting, sorry! I would be very happy to do another of the same or something similar for you if you’d like. The dimensions are 57.5cm x 23cm,
      Kind regards,


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