The Sublime – Supercell and Stormcloud (Oil on Ink)

2 x 1.5 hour paintings.

First tries at capturing the sublime nature of the light in various weather conditions. The first one was from a photo of a supercell (the rarest, most sever types of thunderstorms). I think I succeeded in capturing the light, and layering up from thinner washes worked well. The only thing is the ink background was lost pretty quickly.

For the second one (from a photo of a stormcloud) I tried to preserve some of the textured ink background, so I left out some areas in the clouds. I like this effect, it highlights the electricity of the storm, but I think it fights with the composition a bit and doesn’t really contribute to the desired effect.

I started to think, about halfway through the second one, that although I have successfully portrayed the storm, the light and the divine presence doesn’t come across as the subject. If I’m really going to hone in on the nuances in the light which reflect that Godly presence, I reckon I’m going to need to select a small section so I can zoom in and focus on the details.

Not long left of this project!

PS: I love the word “supercell”…

keywords: oil painting, sublime, weather, storms, light, God, supercell

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