The Sublime Moment – “Mesocyclone”

A2 painting of a section of a supercell, or “mesocyclone”. I really tried to capture the glowing quality of the light and get that feeling of divine presence. Instead of dabbing on thick marks of oil paint I thinned it down and layered up glazes of gradually lighter tones. This way I could get very subtle changes of colour; creating the deep, pulsing feel of the red. I think I have at last developed a way to portray “the sublime” in it’s purest and most honest sense, and it’s been a valuable journey on the way to it!

This project is doing wonders for my painting, and as per usual, it’s the experimentation and the trial and error which I have learnt the most from.

keywords: oil painting, layers, sublime, divine, abstract, storm, mesocyclone, supercell

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