The Sublime – “Heart of a Supercell” (Project Conclusion)

Just finished my final day in the studio for this project and it’s been my most productive and enjoyable one yet! I’ve experimented with film, watercolour, oil painting, drawing, and found some amazing artists along the way too. It’s always satisfying when an idea comes into fruition in a strong, “wrap it all up” kind of way, and I think this painting is a good conclusive piece for the finale of this project.

It’s from another one of my cropped photos, a lot more complex than yesterdays, and with colours in it which were insanely hard to mix for me. I asked my friend what kind of colour it could be and she said “mushroom” – says it all. But for the most part I think I mixed them pretty well! That’s another thing too, my mixing has improved with this I think…

I really pushed for a glowing, divine light in this and I think I got it! I figured out that paying attention to the slight changes in colour and the colours underneath colours is key, at least for this painting. I’ve absolutely loved this project and I definitely want to do something like this again…

keywords: oil painting, divine, light, sublime, supercell, wet into wet, mesocyclone

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