Nottingham Contemporary – “The Sublime” Extended

Took a trip to Nottingham for the first time today! (Not like it is in Robin Hood)

I wanted to read a little bit further into my topic, due to me extending my previous project and carrying on with it. “The Sublime” has a lot of “creative mileage” as they say, so I’m looking into it further and pulling it apart a bit more. A few photos in the exhibition caught my eye – some photos of expansive landscapes, both virgin land and land ravaged by industrial technology. It made me wonder, maybe a change of perspective is another way of inducing the sublime; we get a sense of the sublime when we see something extraordinary, and seeing something outside of our normal perspective is another way of seeing nature in a new and dramatic light.

I would really recommend going!

~I do not own any of the works featured in these photos, full credit to various artists who’s work this is~

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