The Sublime – Sunset Blur

Instead of a cropped section of a natural occurrence, I am exploring different ways to obscure a full image, and this painting is based off an image of a sunset, which I blurred in Photoshop. In doing this I have almost erased the representational side of it and I can focus on the characters of light in the image. I’ve also thinned down the paint a lot more in this painting (at least in the background) so I got a bit more of a scratchy and blotchy feel to it, almost like the texture of wood…

I’ve been working on paper up until now, and I’d really like to work towards an outcome on canvas, so I reckon that’s going to be on the cards soon. Also I’ve realised I’ve been working primarily with warm colours; subconsciously perhaps because of the link to God and holiness and all the pure warm colours and all that. But the next one I want to see if I can get the same level of divine presence with cooler colours – something tells me it’ll be more of a challenge…game on.

keywords: art, oil painting, weather, sunset, sky, sublime, divine, light

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