Malicious Presence [renamed: Mind of Nature] – Finished!

I haven’t been posting recently as I’ve been back home in Kent for the weekend, but I’m back now and I can upload the photos from my studio time on Friday! I re-painted the centre of the composition to get a brighter more glowing light, and I’m so glad I did it. Sometimes it’s tricky to just paint over everything but I should go with my gut more I think. This will serve as the final outcome for my project on the sublime, but I will be taking the essence of this project forward to my final major project in the coming weeks, of the working title “Transcendence”.

Thank you all for the amazing feedback on this project!

EDIT: I decided early on that cool colours would create a more aggressive feeling and thus went with the title of “Malicious Presence”, but looking at it now and thinking about it, that maliciousness isn’t there. So I’m renaming it “Mind of Nature”.

keywords: sublime, final outcome, malicious presence, oils, divine, light, transcendence


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