Beacon Hill Photos

Took the looooooongest walk today in order to get some decent first hand photos for my project. This place gives a 360 degree view all around, and is pockmarked with some of the oldest rocks in England, so I thought it’d be great to get some nice landscape shots.

It turned out to be pretty foggy today, which I thought was a bad thing to start off with, but I reckon it worked in my favour and gave me some more atmospheric shots than a normal sunny day would. I also attempted an ink study “en plein air” but I was woefully unprepared for the cold and had to resort to trying to capture the atmosphere with my camera in order to preserve what little feeling I had left in my hands.

Mental note: bring jacket and gloves next time, but it was a really useful trip. Might try an oil painting next time!

keywords: photography, view, beacon hill, atmosphere, research, en plein air

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