Easter Morning Amateur Photography

So I woke up today at 6:00am to try and capture the sunrise. I went out to my local common and set up a tripod pointing towards the east (That bit is key it seems…). Unfortunately the UK at this time of year is wrapped in a perpetual blanket of cloud, so I didn’t see much. What’s more my view was obscured with trees for the most part.

I did manage to document the soft rosy band bleeding up amongst the trees but that’s really all it was, and the photos aren’t worth seeing believe me. I decided to call it a day with the sunset and head to the nature reserve near my area, to get some photos of the wild, unkempt environment, and these turned out a lot better.

After snapping in auto mode and landscape mode for the majority of it I decided to try and hone my skills in manual mode and after a lot of trial and error it actually started paying off! I started to get better contrast and a wider range of colours. It really is worth it if you stick with it and this is definitely an important step in getting my photography up to a decent standard.

I’m also shooting in the RAW format for the first time which gives it a lot more flexibility in editing, but I’m trying my best not to lean on that too much.

As my old music technology teacher said:

You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter

Unfortunately for me there’s enough good photographers out there to notice that it is indeed, still a poo.

Happy Easter everyone, much love.


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