“Forest Reduction on Red”

Oil paint on paper, A3

The idea for this one was to replace the previously bright and vibrant ground layer, with a darker, richer colour and see how that turned out. So far I cut into the ground layer where I want my areas of light to be. But for this one, I exposed the red where my shadows would be.

This is experiment has a couple aspects. The first reason I’m doing this is to simply explore how the ground layer can be used in different ways and to different effect. The second is experiment with complimentary colours, so I chose red to be my shadow against the green of the leaves. I’ve seen a lot of artists use the idea of a complimentary shadow colour, and I wanted to see how it worked out for me.

It definitely achieves a more surreal and even abstract image, because of the unnatural colour choice, but I like this slight departure from my current direction. It may not be in keep with the aim of this project but I’d say it was successful in creating an interesting and balanced composition, and that in itself I think is interesting.

(sorry for the slightly sketchy photo)

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