“Portugese Reduction on Yellow”

So the idea for this was to basically include a man made element, to contrast with the natural structures. I thought that since I was portraying the natural structures as resilient, powerful, silently determined beings, it would serve me well to add in some buildings. My reasoning is that the “deadness” of the buildings and the apparent “lack of internal sublime” would mean that the trees look even brighter and become even more the focus of the painting.

At first I wasn’t very happy with this painting but I’m glad I stuck with it, as I got some interesting colours. The relationship between the muted purple of the buildings and the bright lemony yellow of the trees is what carries the image I think, and the colour scheme works well. I tried to get this piece a little looser and more free, and I stumbled across a method of flicking neat turpentine on the paint and then wiping it off. This creates a cut out of the previous layer in the shape of the drips which landed on the paper (see top right)

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