Painting on an Outside Wall – “Evening Sun After Rain” Reduction

I’ve been painting flat on a desk inside the studio so far, which is great to some extent and I happen to prefer it to a desktop easel. But in terms of loosening up it’s pretty hard. Maybe because the idea of looseness and bold gesture is mostly a physical thing, with movements coming from the elbow and even the shoulder rather than the wrist and fingers.

With this in mind and the intention to loosen up my “reduction” paintings, I went outside the studio into the mini courtyard thingy and taped a much larger piece of paper to the wall.




And it even rained, but who cares. Suddenly it was so much more of a physical endeavour, and I no longer found myself tightening up or feeling the tepid mist of lethargy creeping into my brain…

I could still do detail as well – it in no way restricted my ability to refine the painting, but it opened up the whole experience before that stage.

Once you start the detail, you’ve committed.

And I think I make the best work when I have both a respect for my work, but also an inability to be too precious about it 🙂

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