Attenborough Nature Reserve – “En plein Air” Painting!

Painting from photos is one thing, but since I had a small taste of painting outside in the last post, I decided to make a day of it and take my easel to Attenborough Nature Reserve. Some really nice places there and I’ve never been there before!

Since I’m looking at the “smaller” areas of sublime nature this is a perfect place, with little pockets of nature tucked away and big bowing trees casting mottled shadows. As I half-predicted it was good weather for some it and then the weather turned. Either because I was by water and the wind carries or possibly because the man upstairs hates me, it was so windy that it was impossible to use an easel to any useful degree (even after an obscene amount of tape).

But I muscled through for a bit and it calmed down again, letting me put my easel back up. Also on the upside I got a cool effect when the rain mixed with the oil paint on the paper – silver linings!

It was, however, a much more physical experience than I anticipated. Carrying all the stuff I needed involved 3 bags, and once I started painting I then had wet paintings to segregate from things I would rather avoid getting “painty” ie camera and basically everything which isn’t paper…

BUT it was a great day out and I got some good paintings done. Doing it outside allows you to see the painting in a different light (both literally and figuratively) and the different atmosphere definitely impacted the way I worked…such as cursing under my breath as my easel uproots itself and nose dives into the grass.

I will post the paintings tomorrow. Peace 🙂


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