En Plein Air – (Even More) Public Space

Level Up.

So painting in the nature reserve was slightly out of my comfort zone because there were people milling around occasionally. But they were the type of people who were observing the nature, so by extension my easel was just another sight to take in, and nobody really said much.

But, painting in the local park in my area was a major step up, with groups of young people, families, and children all walking around and taking varying levels of interest in my much bigger and more intrusive easel. At first I felt kind of exposed and self conscious, because I was essentially opening up about a part of myself I don’t usually expose in that way. But it soon got easier much to my surprise actually, and I started to enjoy the environment and appreciate the different atmosphere which I wouldn’t get in an isolated room.

Finished piece will be up tomorrow! Watch this space.

Also if you haven’t already, click this link to read my responses to Barrie Creative‘s questions from my Liebster Award nomination!


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