Three Huskies – Final Stages

I got a lot done with the husky piece today, and I’ve got to say I’m really happy with the colour scheme. Working on top of a black and white oil sketch really clicked for me! I’ve still got the eyes to do in 2 of the dogs, but for the most part I’m wrapping it up.

Huskies are my favourite dog, and usually when I think of a husky I think of majesty, power, and beauty. And also recklessness. And shedding. I think of a pack of huskies pulling a sledge effortlessly up a slope. But in this image the main thing that stuck out was the playfulness, not the majesty. In this image the fact that they are a husky at all pales in comparison to the playfulness and the expectation in my opinion. They just look like three dogs waiting for a treat to me, and I wanted to get across that slightly simpler perspective.

Just for comparison I’ve included the picture of the b/w oil sketch as well 🙂

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