Foundation Year Complete – Distinction!

Went in to get my results today, and I don’t think I could have been more tense.

Firstly we had to take the exhibition down before we could get our results, and then once that was done there was still an hour wait. That was a pretty long hour.

I was also hoping for an envelope so that I could open it in private and hide, but it was a slip of paper, completely open (not even folded c’mon), with the decisive word on it for all to see. So basically my method was to grab the paper and wave it around to stop myself from seeing it until I cooked up the courage.

And then all of that melted away and I began the process of gauging who I was friendly enough with to say goodbye to, always a sketchy business.

But pettiness aside it’s been the best year of my life, artistically. I’ve learnt more in this year than I even began to learn at school, and I’m so glad I chose to do a foundation.

Roll on my degree!


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