Angry Blackout Abstract Painting

So in regard to my last post, the “For the Watch” painting is still happening, but I’m starting again for a number of reasons. I don’t consider myself a quitter, especially when it comes to art but it was getting pretty hard to stay enthusiastic with these demons floating around.

Firstly the reason my blog has been so empty recently is I’ve been job hunting, so my paintbrushes have been left pining, so because of that the painting dried fully and I wasn’t able to blend the paint how I would like…which is a bummer.

Secondly, the canvas is very cheap and badly made, and not only has creases on the corners, but actually isn’t even a rectangle; it’s more of a rhombus…slow clap for my past self for not noticing that.

Soooo once I’d noticed all of that after sitting down to paint today, needless to say I got a tad frustrated, and this is the result. Small silver lining maybe?

Also I thought I’d post a picture of one of the dude I painted before it all went to crap, it was actually pretty tricky to paint, having next to no definition.

I would like to think I’ve learnt something at least in this brief attempt, certainly something about how to paint things out of focus, so maybe I’ll do better on the real deal.

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