My Nieces’ Induction into Digital Art

So I let my two nieces Maggie and Ella take a look at my graphics tab!

Chaos ensued.

Graphics tabs weren’t around when I was this age so this is probably the first instance of technology invading an area of life which it wasn’t involved with for me…sobering thought of the day. I gave them a blank page and watched them go at it, and they created the first two as a joint effort – they opted for the classic multicoloured scribble.

After one of them decided enough was enough the older one decided she’d dive into some figurative studies in her favourite colour, one of me and one of my twin brother, and she got some pretty imaginative narratives going actually:

The one of my brother (the one where the face is not visible, unlucky) is “him in a dress, with batman on it, smelling really bad, wearing high heels, earrings, and also eating out of a bin.”

The one of me is me is similar with a few alterations: a flower instead of batman, incredibly long hair, smelling even worse, and actually climbing into said bin instead of merely eating out of it. At least I got a face? I even made another copy and coloured it in for a bit of a collaboration, but the original is better.

It’s funny how artistic adults try so hard to find a unique or abstract way of thinking or translating thoughts into a visual process, while children still have it wired in. It’s a shame a lot of us mostly give up that uniqueness for the sake of perfecting the technique, because their own personality comes across in these drawings a lot more than a lot of art I’ve seen.

So, if someone says your art looks like a kid’s drawing, even though they’re most likely saying it to offend you, say thank you. But then also slap them because that’s rude.

If you have a graphics tab and/or children lying around the house, consider introducing some of the digital world into the pictures on the fridge, they had a lot of fun. Not to mention the possibilities of printing on a larger scale if you’re fortunate enough to have a micro-Michelangelo in your family and want to display they’re work in areas more demanding of respect than the fridge door.

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