Self Portrait: Long Exposure

My course is being led through a number of workshops at the moment, designed to familiarise us with the facilities at Loughborough, and my group is in Photography this week.

The simple brief was a “self portrait”, but the edge was that it didn’t have to include your face.

So to avoid the standard “line up a bunch of hobby related items and photograph them” direction, which would make me be sick everywhere, I went for long exposure, a process which I got really into back in A level.

The idea behind it was that being a painter (at the moment), I wanted to instil some of the qualities I would strive to put into my paintings. Namely, the loose, gestural, chance-based shapes which would usually be created with a paintbrush/rag.

This is probably why I like long exposure so much. It’s closest to painting, and there’s a larger element of chance and unpredictability about it.

Kind of a shame that I can’t include video, because the process literally involved me acting out a painting which wasn’t there. Later on however, after realising that wasn’t fierce enough, I simply flailed around like a baby deer on an ice rink. That dad-in-a-polo-shirt-getting-drunk-at-a-child’s birthday kind of dance vibe.

I’m yet to do a painting which involves that much physical exertion, so I guess it’s not too much of an accurate representation, but it was fun.

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