Chance Landscape with Figures

Ink and pencil on card

I’m looking at the idea of chance at the moment – an idea I’ve been playing with a while behind the scenes, and the idea of creating an image with the seemingly random and erratic values which come up when you toss a coin or roll a dice etc. These pieces aim to reveal the patterns and invisible forces at work in our everyday lives, and in turn suggest that this chaos can be worked into something beautiful, at the same time as largely surrendering control.

For this one I made a grid, by rolling a value for both the x and y axis to determine how many squares there would be in the grid.

I then chose a number integral actions that i could dictate with chance, namely the dilution of the ink and edge of the card that was touching the floor, resulting in drips in different directions.

The consistency was dictated by a 4 sided dice, ranging from neat ink to 1:3 ratio of ink/water. The drips were dictated the same way. I then worked from top left downwards until I filled the paper. This process served to map out the random results of the force of chance.

Afterwards I used a white pencil to select the most developed areas and use the information already provided to create a figure I would have never been able to create with my own imagination, but one that is still fundamentally an accident.

This project is really exciting for me and I think I can do a lot with it, looking forward to seeing where this’ll take me.


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