Chance Map – Gold on Pink

I tried experimenting with Liquin for this, which turned into a very expensive experiment, but lets not talk about that.

Taking the idea of the previous one forward into oils, I wanted to enter colour into the equation, so I randomly generated two hex codes: one was a hot pink which I tried my best to mix, and one was the most repugnant colour I think I have ever come across. But the whole idea would be defeated if I consciously chose to change the colour to something more aesthetically pleasing, so I stuck with it.

The method was very similar to the other method, with a four sided dice determining the orientation, but the different qualities of the oil paint in relation to the ink created a drastically different effect:

  1. Since the oil paint took a lot longer to drip, it was still in motion by the next change of orientation, so each turn affected every cell before it, as well as itself. The ink didn’t do this because it plummeted down the paper leaving its mark almost instantly.
  2. This slower motion meant that the drips created “subdrips(?)” when the orientation was changed, and went in all four directions in some cases, creating a spidery circuit board kind of effect.
  3. The Liquin made the oil paint dry very quickly, meaning that new paint dripping onto it wouldn’t blend, but make a new layer.
  4. Further to right it gets, the drips become more dramatic, swallowing up the negative pink space behind it, I’m not certain why this happened but I think it could be because I left the painting in the same orientation for a long while after the last cell had been painted. (I rolled a dice to determine which side to leave it on)

One other thing which I noticed is that the piece looks balanced, and the composition doesn’t drag your eye to any particular are first. Almost like an accidental Jackson Pollock…but worse. In a way that displays the fairness of chance (at least in this instance).

I will probably work into it when the oil is dry, and create some dramatically different structures with it, much more angular and less organic.

If ever you think your house would look good with a pink and gold colour scheme, look no further than this painting for your answer.

I need to stop looking at it now because it’s truly disgusting.

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