Chance Landscape with Figures #2

118.5cm x 167.9cm, ink and pencil on card

Following from Chance Landscape #1, there’s a lot of changes I want to make, along with some critique that I received, so this is the latest development. Above all I wanted to enlarge the scale, because for landscape I feel that bigger is better, because it immerses you so much more. I’m drawing inspiration from Julie Mehretu‘s drawings and paintings where she implies space, instead of representing it, by placing shapes in such a way that suggest movement and therefore an environment to move in. There’s nothing to suggest it’s an environment because it’s made of abstract shapes or “characters”, but it still has a sense of depth and void. That is the quality I want this piece to have, and I’m implementing that with a larger scale and more layers to push some of the figures into the distance.

Sticking with the idea of chance I wanted to leave the process fairly open to external influence. One thing which has happened so far is my dusty footprints getting all over it while I was making the grid, and I was about to wipe them off when I realised that the pattern made by my feet was actually chance based too, but unlike the rest of the process, offered a truthful insight into the human process, as well as the dictation of chance.

I’m going to keep the grid on the piece instead of erasing it after so I drew it in white pencil. While the chaos can spawn ordered constructs, the restrained nature of the grid can also spawn organic, loose shapes. There’s a lot of tensions going on in this piece, so I’m trying to push that quality.

There’s only two layers on it at the moment, so there’s a lot more to go, but I’m too bothered about spending a fair while on this, as I tend to learn more during a process than in hindsight.

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