Aviemore, Day #2

Today I’m posting in real time because I have nothing to do this evening but edit photos and wait for my Wifi to upload this gigantic gallery of photos. It’s gigantic because each photo took zero amount of time to compose, and relied entirely on me taking enough photos to actually get some good ones.

That’s science.

These photos are in order of when I took them, showing a complete documentation of my steam railway journey through a really picturesque part of Scotland. Unfortunately I was on a steam train, which shakes. And the thing about being on a train is that everything outside of the train does tend to move in relation to you. So composing/ planning was little tricky.

But the atmosphere inside the train was nice. It was an old train (obviously, it blows steam out the top of itself), and the windows were fogged up, and we were eating sausage rolls and cake, drinking tea and mulled wine. I think these photos are more successful in capturing the atmosphere inside the train than outside – putting across that division between the warmth and comfort of the carriage and the cold of Scotland outside. I’m always drawn to the more painterly of photographs if that’s a thing, photos that simplify the subject matter and break it down into simple light, and that’s what these do. Because frankly I couldn’t do a lot else in a shaky train with a sausage roll in one hand. That said, I think I got some interesting images.

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