Aviemore, Day #4 (Last Day)

My last day full day in Aviemore, and we decided to all go up to the local reindeer sanctuary, responsible for the upkeep of the only wild herd of reindeer in the UK. They were fenced in to a 1000-acre area across hills and moors, and if you’re lucky (which we were), you’d be able to find and feed them, and take some incredible photos.

I didn’t think that the sanctuary would be set in quite that much of a picturesque area, and I was only really expecting to take photos of the animals themselves. However the area, as you can see, was almost too beautiful to be real. It’s like one of the worlds you walk through in a dream or a vision of utopia from a film. This was a great end to the holiday, and at the train station I really didn’t want to go back. I’m sitting here in Bromley looking out and wondering why I can’t see mountains. Mountains make everything better.


However, I have heaps of drawing and painting material from this holiday and I will be posting these very shortly, keep watch!




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