Glenmore River View


scotland moore
A4, graphite, chalk, and oil pastel greys

A sketch of a photo I took whilst walking up the hill in Glenmore, Scotland. Took about 1.5 hours, using chalk, graphite, and oil pastel. I was really concentrating on the light, and the way it falls on the natural shapes of the hills and water. I realised during the drawing that the way the water flowed over the bed when photographed and frozen in time, was very similar to how the grassy verges looked – sweeping and curling shapes dipping in amongst each other, both solid and liquid.

I was re-watching Landscape Artist of the Year whilst I was doing it, it’s a good source of inspiration. I’ve departed somewhat from landscapes, despite my affinity for it. I’m always finding myself going back to it when I decide to “do art”. When I’m freed of a motive, and simply choose to “do”, I choose landscape, save for practising portraits. I think this says quite a bit about how I’m wired.

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