Landscape/Chance Fusion Piece

landscape chance exp 1

Developing on my chance themed project, and greatly inspired by my trip to the Scottish mountains, I’m striving for a fusion between landscape and chance. This is exactly what I needed, because the chance based configurations on their own lack a grounding or something to apply it to.

If I can apply the chaos and unpredictability to nature, then it becomes so much more powerful, and can offer an alternative insight into nature itself. Ordinarily landscape pieces are superficial, and focus on visual observation. These fusion landscapes could perhaps aim to portray the invisible forces of chaos, mercilessness, and unreliability, ever present in the physical world. That’s something a lot more tangible and appealing to me.

So with all that in mind, I set up a very simple system of four options which each square could possibly play host to:

  1. Fill in with charcoal
  2. Totally erase
  3. Outline with chalk
  4. Outline with charcoal

I drew out the landscape from a photo I took in Scotland, drew over the grid, and then rolled a four sided dice for each square. Over the course of that process the image was degraded down into obscurity, the chaotic system abandoning the observation of the visual, and demonstrating complete disregard for composition, or continuity; the same disregard that the natural world shows for those inhabiting it.

This was a useful experiment, but I think the grid needs to be smaller and the surface larger to show the emerging pattern more. I’d like to see more of the landscape in it too, to solidify the context.

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