Fusion Landscape #2, A1

I’m posting both the first stage (gestural, constructive style of drawing landscape), and the final stage with the chaotic “characters” included. (thanks to Julie Mehretu for that term, fits rather well)

I drew the landscape using chalk and graphite, to start from a mid-tone. Starting from a mid-tone means that I can apply both light and dark immediately. I’m trying to push a constructive, angular style. Afterwards I used a white pencil to create a fluidity in the water, which does not exist in the rest of the landscape.

After that I drew a an irregular grid (devised using dice rolls in a new way to how I’ve previously done it, implies more of a chaotic nature), and used a far more complicated system to create the geometric characters.

  1. fill in with graphite
  2. leave completely
  3. shape 1 graphite
  4. shape 2 graphite
  5. shape 3 graphite
  6. shape 4 graphite
  7. shape 5 graphite
  8. shape 1 eraser
  9. shape 2 eraser
  10. shape 3 eraser
  11. shape 4 eraser
  12. shape 5 eraser

I rolled a 12 sided dice this time, creating a much larger array of marks, and a much more irregular composition. The materials I’m using work very well for the marks I’m making, and the large amount of options means that compound shapes appear by chance. These interactions are born from chaos, so represent chance encounters in nature, like a lightning strike on a specific tree or wind and water erosion in a specific shape.

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