“The Empty Nope”

nopeThe single most terrifying moment of my childhood was watching this thing shamble around asking whether different people were its mummy and make people choke to death whilst transforming into gas mask zombies. Of all the Doctor Who monsters, people who think the weeping angels or clockwork androids were the scariest need to re-evaluate their opinions of fear.

I actually could’t bring myself to look at any circular hole for a good few months afterwards, just because it remotely resembled the eyes of the gas mask. I’m surprised I didn’t develop some deep seated psychosis because of it.

A4, graphite and chalk on paper, I used a base of graphite, red and orange chalk, and charcoal, then used a graphite stick and an eraser for the portrait. Just a study for practice really, which I was drawn to specifically because of my strong childhood fears of it – I used a red base colour, basically because of the intense holy shit runaway emotions I associate with it.



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