Landscape Grid Experiment #1


Following on with my experimental fusion of landscape and chance mapping, this is a digital version of a similar process. I’m implementing an irregular grid which I found much more effective in a previous pieceand playing around with parameters which most effectively create the chance encounters which I’m looking for – encounters which create the sense of chaos and unpredictability.

There was only 6 options for this piece, so a six sided dice was all I needed:

  1. Move onto next square
  2. Fill in with block colour – take value from centre of that cell
  3. Fill in with block colour – take value from centre of random cell (numbers generated from a list randomiser)
  4. Totally erase
  5. Hue alteration, roll 10 sided dice to decide where the slider falls
  6. Desaturate

These options created a wide range of results, and cross-affected each other as well. For example if a 3 was rolled, and a value was taken from an already altered cell, then an unnatural colour was thrown into the mix (see bottom right cell).

There were a few unlikely scenarios popping up, such as the vertical strip of block colour down the left hand side, and the two similar compound shapes near the middle. Also there were other (seemingly) consciously composed parts, such as the subtle differences between some cells of different hues.

I think the digital process serves the investigation part really well, but it lacks the feeling of “response” that a drawing or painting has, and so the feeling of chaos does seem to be lost here. However I am happy with how the hue variations have affected the image, and I think I’m going to look further into that.

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