Life Drawing Study – 10 mins

This was the drawing that took the longest, and the rest doesn’t really warrant blogging them so this is all I’m uploading! I attempt to lead the life drawing class (to fill in for someone else) and it was strange to give instructions instead of take them, but I think it worked out half-decent. And so did the drawings so win-win.

For the first time I tried to implement the drawing style I’m trying to push, into my life drawing. I think it really helps to bring out the tonal subtleties. It’s much more logical in my head to start from a mid-tone than to start from white, because the white looks flat and bloated, and a mid-tone can at least imply some sort of space through it’s imperfections.

I just want to concentrate on the upper torso and the soft tones on the back muscles. Line doesn’t really interest me, and it’s another thing which doesn’t make sense in my head. Lines don’t exist in 3D reality. If I can get my drawing to a mature enough level that I can draw with only tone and minimal line, where the proportions are second nature and therefore do not rely on line to materialise, then I have reached my goal in some ways.


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