More Life Drawing

I’ve been really busy lately with workshops and other things so haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, but one thing which has been really useful lately has been life drawing! Being a part of my universities Art Society Committee means I have a good say in what it has to offer, and it’s good to get some technical feedback, a type of feedback which is entirely absent in the course itself. These pictures are from two separate sessions, (one of them only one drawing was bloggable).

I think I have a tendency to over-complicate things for myself, with questions in my head regarding style, materials, and even the way the motion of my hand feels. All of this being considered whilst I’m drawing means that I consistently try to run before I can walk. I think it’s time to peel back and focus on getting my basic skills up to scratch, and life drawing is ideal for this. For most of these, tone didn’t get time to rear it’s head unless I’d absolutely nailed the proportions.

I’m fully convinced that regardless of my methods, if I keep practicing I’ll gain a natural feel for proportions, so this is basically me going down that road. Enjoy and any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated 🙂



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