Cartesian Landscape – Pre-Obliteration

The undisturbed image is now complete, and it hasn’t come easy at all. It’s been a working painting in many ways, having been revised several times already, and this is just the context. I’m pulling in new influences, most notably Peter Doig and Adrian Ghenie, and learning through trial and error the best way to approach the layering. I don’t have a linear, ordered way of thinking – it’s more like a series of impulses in reaction to opportunities, so this was incredibly difficult for me. It’s a successful painting in itself, but just painting landscapes is so incredibly bland, and even with the “chaos characters” I’m going to introduce tomorrow, I sometimes find myself doubting it’s relevance in the contemporary sphere.

2 thoughts on “Cartesian Landscape – Pre-Obliteration

  1. I understand completely. As I paint mostly portraits/figures, I also feel that my work is bland and doesn’t contribute much in the contemporary art world.That being said, I love landscapes and never find them bland! Yours definitely has a lot of interesting things going on and I love the drip effect you have.


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