Obliteration Landscape Miniature – *WIP*

I wanted to do a post before I head back to uni, because this painting that I’ve started over the holidays has proved very helpful for understanding my own methodology.

As are most of my pieces, this was a working composition and colour scheme, this latest stage being achieved largely by trial and error and learning “on the canvas”. I began by working towards a naturalistic colour scheme ie blue sky, grey stone, but it’s near on impossible to portray invisible forces when I’m tuned into the visible and mundane. So I painted over everything with a translucent brown glaze, and further darkened some areas. This served to compress the range of luminosity and give me more room to maneuver, whilst making my previous marks useful as an underpainting. From then on I have largely ignored the natural colours.

Through this painting alone I have discovered several important things that I can apply to my new direction:

  • I unfailingly paint too light too quickly, but darkening the scene with glazes remedies this.
  • I am not interested in naturalistic colour schemes. Whilst the basis may be natural, it is the invisible forces like chaos and chance that fascinates me, so I will dispense with my concern with the visible.
  • I paint better as soon as I forget to care about why I am painting in what way.
  • Learning whilst doing is more valuable than a sketchbook.


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