“Satellite I Composition”

This piece developed from a preliminary sketch for a potentially larger piece on canvas, but I decided that pastel worked really well for this particular style of work, a detailed style I don’t usually go for. I’ve been gathering satellite imagery from google maps, after noticing the strong tension between the urban grid and the chaotic natural shapes. The shapes involved in some of the North American images (this piece uses formal qualities from both Utah and Nebraska) are very similar to visual elements in a lot of modernist abstract works.

It’s interesting that these “ready-made” (I flinch at that) compositions are created but unknown in their entirety to the human race, and that irony drew me in. A lot of the work I’ve been doing has been solely revolving around nature in its own right, but these images focus strongly on humanities relationship to natures chaotic quality. Namely, man’s tendency to try and squash everything into straight lines, so really if there’s one thing this piece displays it’s the one-upmanship between humans and planet Earth.


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